Cold room

Pre-fabricated,Insulated,metal laminated panels best suited for freezing chilling
  • Rigid polyurethene Foam (RPUF) insulation
  • Pre-painted Galvanised Steel (PPGS) or Stainless Steel (SS) metal laminate
  • Insulation thickness from 60mm up to 200mm
  • Panel width of 1200mm
  • Panel length up to 12500mm
  • Joinery through camlock and finished with a silicone sealant
    Accessories: 1. View port: 12" X 12" view port with three layer argon filled toughen glass which can be visible up to -20^ C in side the cold room 2. Pressure Ventilator: Tri-action Pressure Ventilator with / without heater to balance pressure and vacuum in side cold room. 3. Strip Curtain: Semi transparent PVC strip curtain for negative temperature application to prevent heat loss and ultimately the power. 4. Ramps: Ramps for easy & effortless trolley movement without damaging door frame.